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Hey, sweet soul

I am Sofia

I believe that everyone deserves to feel fully connected, empowered, spirited and safe in their body and in this world.

Our two homes. 


I believe in honouring our cyclical Being, living in tune with the seasons and nourishing our body, mind and heart.


I believe in being given everything we need to heal, to grow, to blossom already, we’re just here to reawaken our innate wisdom.


I believe in rising by lifting another, by walking hand in hand, sharing our tools and our hearts.

If you seek for connection and support, to explore your sensual Being playfully and mindfully and create out of your heart, expressing your truth, I am honoured to support you on this path of  reclaiming your power.


On a path of remembering.


I am delighted to share this space with you,

With all the love 

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“Metamorphosis is a magical container with beautiful women, supporting and helping you to connect body, mind and soul again. For everyone seeking wisdom, connection and good health. For me a very transformative experience <3 so nourishing with lots of little details/ tools full of love to accompany you on your journey"

Nathalie P.


About Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is designed to transform you on all areas of your life embodying your most vibrant beautiful Being.


This 3 month journey is the only program of its kind, bridging spiritual rituals and tools with tangible practices and knowledge to nourish your body, mind & heart.

Working to cleanse physically, mentally and emotionally with the techniques of ancient and modern traditions to renew from within and create your most vital, spirited, empowered and radiating Self.


Connecting you back to your cyclical Being, by living with your inner and outer season we’ll guide you to honour your temple and reclaim your power.


We truly believe growing and blossoming hand in hand.

Because true change comes from within.

And is magnified in a safe space of sincerity and safety.

Rooting deeply, expanding spaciously.


Equipped with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to nourish all your bodies from the comfort of your home to create a foundation of practices as well as a community of sisters that help you for a persistent transformation and the unfolding of your gifts.

Due to my intention of guiding you very closely this container is limited and application based. We will be a small circle of women and able to dive deeper and more tailored to each of our needs.

The next journey of Metamorstart is January 2024 and you can send your application below, to be confirmed end of October.


An absolute honour to guide you, 

With all the love

Meet the teachers

By my side, these four lovely Ladies and incredible teachers will guide and support you through your metamorphosis

The tools

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