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Every moments morphs into a next and a next...
And so do we

With every new day, every new moment, every new breath we are morphing into a new version of ourselves.

Yet sometimes we can experience periods of stuckness, of heaviness, of denseness or the total other end of the spectrum, total ungroundedness or an etheric state.

To tell you how my Metamorphosis became and why I am so passionate about guiding others to their most vibrant Self, I’ll share with you my personal story of healing, remembering and reclaiming my power.
Being in the industry of fashion for years, travelling as a model, I knew how to stay fit but, as it turned out, had no idea of how to really be healthy. Naturally born slim and enthusiastic about movement from dancing to running or body weight movements I always stayed athletic but had little understanding of what it truly means to be healthy.
Of how food is our medicine, movement is our medicine and a clear mind is our medicine.
Generally I was living a life that should have been so satisfying by the stories we get told in our social upbringing and conditioning yet I found myself unsatisfied,  unhappy and confused - I didn’t feel like I was living up to my fullest potential as a human, woman, soul. I didn’t feel connected whatsoever with a purpose neither to my body and my heart fully. And on top of that I felt shameful for feeling those feelings.

My catalyst for change came really unexpected…
When I came of birth control my whole body naturally started to change after being fed with it for almost a decade.
From weight (or water) loss to extreme skin outbreaks from my forehead to my decollate and on my whole back, my whole upper body being full of eczema and early staged acne, as well as immense weight loss, what felt suffocating back than turned out to be the biggest blessing as it lead to my healing journey. 
Knowing I didn’t want to be on hormones again, doctors failed in giving me new chemicals, namely Cortisol and Antibiotics, that both were unsuccessful to help my condition and most importantly felt wrong in my system. 
So I decided to turn my back to medications for good in the context of connecting back to my body, my cycle and my new expression of the woman I was becoming and make my way on search for natural healing. 

Little did I know, that when shortly after I supposedly booked a yoga retreat I actually ended up on a detox and gut reset that truly transformed my from the inside out and planted the first seeds that led to my metamorphosis.
After day 2 of cleansing I already saw my skin slowly clearing up and truly understood how we carry disease by malnourishing on both a toxic environment and the wrong foods. 

What we consume can be medicine.
Or poison. 
It’s our choice. 

From then on I devoted my path to remember. 

Remember each of our existence as being of and from nature and nurture my Being on all levels: my vessel through movement and food and my mind and heart through deep connection, rest and grounding. 

I deepened my love and knowledge around all things that lightened up my spirit and temple and enriched my life enormously: I participated in yoga trainings and made its philosophy and practices an essential part of my life, played with various somatic tools, revisited old core beliefs and learned how to transform them into serving thought formations and habits, dived into the ancient wisdom of TCM and Ayurveda for my holistic health coaching and remembered how we are cyclical Beings and how to live in tune with the inner and outer seasons.

I have collected beautiful tools along the way that immensely impacted my Being, my life and my work and I am so excited to give them back to you, as I was given them from many teachers around the world.
In honour of my teachers and their teachers and their teachers... 

I am happily sharing all my wisdom nuggets, tools and practices with and guide you trough a deep transformative journey to release all old veils and layers that are hiding your true core - maybe from yourself yet - and help you step into your full energy and potential. 

Alongside with some absolute radiant Beings, women and incredible teachers that truly live and love their field we are going to dive deep into the wisdom of:

  • Our womb, our hormonal health and living with the cycles

  • Our gut health and the wisdom of food alchemy 

  • The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda alongside simple tools and recipes to bring it into our everyday life

  • Holistic Voice therapy and coaching to connect back to our true and fullest expression 

Each week we’ll go through a next step of unveiling along the journey of true Metamorphosis - from the inside out - and all I ask you is to fully say YES to yourself.

To courageously and curiously step into this new realm of healing and blossoming.

To do the work and create the most vibrant version of you.

Because you truly deserve it. 

Thank you for being here right now


With all the love,

What's included?

(all calls are recorded & available to be downloaded, so being live is NOT mandatory)


Breakthrough experiences, embodiment practices and educational coaching sessions


 which includes a 3 month course that is phased out over the span of 12 weeks, comprised of various pre-recorded videos, techniques, tools, and practices


 an intimate community to connect, share your journey with and create lasting bonds

Q & A

Each live session will conclude with an open space for any questions and personal needs to be met


Ready to metamorphose?

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